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Hogwarts Students (Page 22: 1051-1100 of 1936)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 4 ArchMagi Miska Hogwarts Auror Female Today
Yes 4 Emperor EnigmaX Hogsmeade Death Eater Male Today
Yes 4 Yummy poptarts Hogwarts Human Female 3068 days
Yes 4 Baroness Miyasaki Ottery St. Catchpole Death Eater Female 149 days
Yes 4 Elitist Alexa Ottery St. Catchpole Human Female 551 days
Yes 4 Healer Brynic Hogwarts Human Male 2386 days
Yes 4 Magi Holly Hogwarts Human Female Today
Yes 4 Amphy Hogwarts Human Female 48 days
Unconscious 4 Enchantress MissWeasley Diagon Alley Death Eater Female 1 day
Yes 4 Heartless Tito Spinners End Death Eaters Male 2767 days
Yes 4 Ranger Andreas Hogwarts Human Male 12 days
Yes 4 Ranger Fenton Hogwarts Human Male 6 days
Yes 4 Ranger Jakep Diagon Alley Auror Male 2 days
Yes 4 SerpentMistress MelthanaCheval Hogsmeade Death Eater Female 1833 days
Yes 4 Ranger Nathan Hogwarts Death Eater Male 4 days
Yes 4 Witch Corinne Hogsmeade Human Female Today
Yes 4 Princess Eilonwy Hogwarts Human Female 60 days
Yes 4 Lord of Blood JinxRain Ottery St. Catchpole Death Eaters Female 2481 days
Yes 4 Satans Nurse Ciaran Ottery St. Catchpole Death Eater Female 1127 days
Yes 4 Sixthyeargirl Akiko Godrics Hollow Human Female 989 days
Yes 4 Fifthyearboy Ethan Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 1047 days
Yes 4 QuoththeRaven VirgilSanders Hogsmeade Human Male 271 days
Yes 4 Sixthyeargirl Cecilia Hogwarts Human Female 912 days
Yes 4 Firstyearboy JervisSal Diagon Alley Human Male 26 days
Yes 4 Firstyeargirl KnobleFable Diagon Alley Human Female 10 days
Yes 4 Firstyearboy Romex Hogwarts Human Male 3 days
Yes 3 Prisoner 42 BlackZephyr Hogwarts Death Eater Male 1721 days
Yes 3 !MostDefinitelyNot SpinalRemains Hogwarts Auror Female 535 days
Yes 3 Aftermath AuroraPheonix Hogwarts Auror Male 564 days
Yes 3 First Wizard Belgarad Hogwarts Human Male 91 days
Yes 3 7of HaiLey Hogwarts Human Male 193 days
Yes 3 The Unspeakable DarkScarlet Hogsmeade Human Female 1731 days
Yes 3 Lord TitanDolohov Hogwarts Death Eater Male 2 days
Yes 3 Straight Jacket DawnRinoa Hogwarts Veela Female 3 days
Yes 3 The God ShadowRanger Knockturn Alley Human Male 30 days
Yes 3 Unvanquished Reylan Hogwarts Human Male 4 days
Unconscious 3 No Touchy Joy Hogwarts Auror Female 1 day
Yes 3 Minty Fresh DogBreath Godrics Hollow Human Female 3335 days
Yes 3 IvyShade Ottery St. Catchpole Human Male 41 days
Yes 3 TroublemakerMeaniepants Mattley Hogwarts Human Male 14 days
Yes 3 The Goddess Vixana Hogwarts Human Female 19 days
Yes 3 Penguin GreyEyes Hogwarts Human Female 24 days
Yes 3 Bellatrix Diagon Alley Human Female 3147 days
Yes 3 The God EragonShadeslayer Godrics Hollow Human Male 3180 days
Yes 3 The God MarkEvans Hogsmeade Human Male 2858 days
Yes 3 Forsaken Ares Hogsmeade Human Male 1284 days
Yes 3 Naughty Teacher FoxHunt Hogwarts Auror Male 783 days
Yes 3 Satans Mistress Shadowstar Hogwarts Human Male 4294 days
Yes 3 Kamehameha Jade Hogwarts Death Eater Female 24 days
Yes 3 Rainbow CesegeDemaine Hogwarts Human Female 789 days
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