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MOST Frequently Asked Questions -- READ THIS. It WILL help.

1. When do I become a Secondyear?
As soon as you finish your first year. Seriously.
There is no set time. It's all up to you.

2. Okay..so *how* do I become a Secondyear (and subsequent titles)?
In order to move up in title, you must first reach level 15 and defeat Voldemort.
When you're at that level, it will be immediately obvious how to seek him out. Once you find Voldy and defeat him, you will have just had your first Voldemort Encounter
(VE). When you VE, you move up a year. Every time you do this, you start back on level 1 and repeat the process. Each VE makes you a little stronger.

3. I'm on level 1 and I have 442 experience. How do I level up?
Send us money!
No, don't send money - you increase your experience by fighting creatures in the forest. You must Challenge and defeat your Professors to gain levels. They can be found in Classes and Training in Hogwarts and Ottery St. Catchpole.

Well, you can send us money if you want by clicking the PayPal Contribute button. For more information on donating and what sort of benefits it brings head over to The Prefect's Lounge in Hogwarts.

4. Why can't I beat my professor?
He's far too wily for the likes of you.
Did you ask him if you have enough experience?
Have you tried purchasing some armor or weapons in Diagon Alley?

5. What is an emote and how do I do it?
WitchyWoman mutes you for not reading the FAQ. <-- That is an emote
It shows an action rather than "saying" something. To do an emote, simply type
:, ::, OR /me before typing anything else.

6. How do I do colors?!?!?!?!
Eat some magic mushrooms! They let you see colors!
No, put that mushroom away. To do colors, use the key above Tab ( ` ) and then a number, number + Shift, or a letter.
1 2 3 4 5 ! @ # $ % ^ & ) q Q
You can visit the Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley and speak with the bartender for more help.

7. How do I get a colored title or change my name?
Send us money!
Really. This time I'm serious. Colored/custom titles and name changes are donator-only perks. You can get a custom title after donating $50 (U.S.) to the site and a name change after a $100 donation. More information can be found in the Prefect's Lounge.

8. How do I donate then?
Over on the right, underneath all your game stats/info are PayPal links.
Click the big PAYPAL CONTRIBUTE one to donate.
The information about points is found in 'About Site Points' in The Prefect's Lounge.

9. What is a buff? How do I use it?
It's what the house elves use to shine our shoes, of course!
Buffs are temporary or permanent effects on your attack or defense. They are used automatically. Many different things can give you a buff. A few are brooms or other mounts, beans (found randomly), and the House Cup championship.

10. Speaking of the House Cup, why is the House Cup next to so-and-so House when that other House has more points?
The House Cup sits next to the House that won the previous week's contest, so it may not always be next to the House that's actually in the lead at the moment. The contest resets every Saturday night.

11. Speaking of Houses, how do I get sorted?
When you get to the village, take a look at the left side of the screen.
See the
red near the top? That's how you Get Sorted.

12. Still speaking of Houses, I don't like the House I'm in. Can I change?
No! Never! You are doomed to be a Hufflepuff for the rest of your life!
Oh, don't worry. You can change. Once you have been in your current House for 3 months, the option to change House will appear in your common Room.
To see how long you've been in your current House, go to your Common Room and look at the list of members. Your join date (for that House) will be posted next to your name.

13. What is a mount and why do I need one?
A mount is a broom or a creature that you can purchase and will help you in the forest.
They are pretty much essential, so always try to get the best one available at your current level.

14. What are portkeys and how do I use them?
You *did* read the books, didn't you?
Surprisingly enough, portkeys have the same purpose as they did in the books and movies- traveling.
You are given 3 free portkeys every game day. Having a mount will give you more. If you run out of portkeys, the system will then charge you a forest fight every time you travel. If you run out of forest fights, you will be stuck where you are until the new game day.

15. I died. Do I stay dead forever? What happens now?
OMG. You died?! Sucks to be you! You fail at life! (Get it? Haha!)
Everybody dies. Firstyears die more often, but still..everybody dies... And everyone comes back to life.
When you die, you have a couple options. You can ask another player politely if they will resurrect (rez) you or you can go to the Graveyard and use your torments to earn 100 favor. When you have 100 favor, you can ask Bellatrix in the Mausoleum to resurrect you. If neither of those are successful, you will come back to life at the next game day.

16. What is the point of charm?
To be more beautiful or handsome than everyone else, so everyone will fall at your feet and give you whatever you want, of course.
I kid. Charm is really only useful when flirting with the folks that work at the Inn. And they can't really give you anything.

17. How can I check my charm?
Have you tried looking in a mirror?
Or you can go to Preferences and set it so your charm is displayed in your Vital Info.
You can even set it to give you a compliment!

18. When does a new day start?
Right after the old one ends.

19. Arghhh, you guys are killing me with your smart answers - can't you just give me a straight answer?
Well, okay, new days correspond with your muggle watch, which you keep at Hogwarts (you can also check it whenever you visit your House Common Room). When the clock strikes midnight, expect a new day to begin. This server has 12 days per calendar day.

20. Something's gone wrong!!! How do I let you know?
Send money!
Better yet, send a petition. A petition should not say 'this doesn't work' or 'I'm broken' or 'I can't log in' or 'yo. Sup?' A petition *should* be very complete in describing *what* doesn't work. Please tell us what happened, what the error message is (copy and paste is your friend), when it occurred, and anything else that may be helpful. "
I'm broken" is not helpful. "There are salmon flying out of my monitor when I log in" is much more descriptive as well as humorous, although there's not much we can do about it. In general, please be patient with these requests - many people play the game, and as long as the admin is swamped with 'yo - Sup?' petitions, it will take some time to sift through them.

21. I am so confused! What is going on in Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, Shrieking Shack, Hog's Head, Boy's Dorm, etc.?
A hubbub.
The fact is that because there's so many people, there can be several conversations happening at once in any given area. Also, the thing to understand is that not all the comments are posted immediately, and that sometimes a person won't press the refresh or add button for several minutes, during which time more comments could have been said that the person missed while they were typing their own. Not to worry, though. Don't be shy, join in!

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