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Venix is a 30 year old (DOB: May 12, 1992) wizard. He wields a 16" Cypress, Phoenix Feather wand, and is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and his favorite Harry Potter character is Sirius Black.

About Me
All y'all really need to know for my RP stuff is that I am a fallen god and a mild sociopath who has no love for anything (well almost anything). If you want to know more ask. Though I do suppose a small description of me helps.

Height: 7'3"
Weight: 350 Lbs
Hair: Long, Raven black
Eyes: Yellow, swirling
Wings: Red and Black, feathered
Build: Solid muscle
Tattoos: Two; upper right arm, symbol for god, Hades; over heart, mark of Artemis

Oh and here is my weapon list (wand not included).

Standard Clothes:
Black full body length leather trench coat
Black, skin tight T-shirt
Black and Purple, Tripp pants
Black and red Doc Martin boots with skull pattern

1 double barrel 12 gauge shotgun
1 Colt peacemaker
1 Smith and Weston .500 Magnum
3 Standard hunting knives
30 Standered throwing knives
1 .30-06 hunting rifle
1 6 and a half foot black steel Claymore
1 5 foot Katana

p.s. I have a horrid attitude and will bring my personal life into my RP so watch what you say