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God RosarioBlack aka Rosario Thanatos Arcturus Black is a 23 year old (DOB: July 25, 1998) pure-blood wizard. He wields a 13" Yew, Demiguise Hair wand, and is a member of Slytherin. His his favorite Harry Potter character is Bellatrix Black.

About Me
"I enjoy provoking people too much. It's unhealthy, but seriously addicting."


Father-in-law: Loxias Black
Ex-husband: Ashery Drachen
Cauldron offspring: Isla (13), Axis and Caelum (10) Black
Practice child: Iovis Black (22), formerly known as Eilonwy Vanderbilt

Deceased Family

Father: Regulus Black
Wife: Nighte Black
Son: Asterion Black

Current age: 42


Rosario Thanatos Arcturus Black: It is not known what happened during Rosario's childhood in Australia that had created the being he was. Though referred to as a sociopath by those privileged enough to know him even a little, Rosario was able to form attachments in his youth to Wilhem Sterben-Lestrange and Nighte Black, and to his children as an adult. Rosario regards his Father-in-law, Loxias, very highly.

Iovis Sabriel Avis Black: Born Eilonwy Vanderbilt, Rosario kidnapped her when she was six years of age to raise her as his own. She was blood bonded into the House of Black at the age of eight and named Iovis Black.
Isla Lycoris Nighte-Amoena Black: With her immense power the result of Loxias' potion, it is only fitting that she be born on All Hallow's Eve. Isla is the product of Rosario and Ashery's genes, birthed from a surrogate.
Axis Regulus Cygnus-Dies Black: Axis was born on New Year's Eve. While Iovis might be Rosario's first child and Isla the first biological offspring and the most powerful, Rosario rarely finds fault in Axis. He is the perfect Black scion.
Caelum Pollux Arcturus-Letus Black The younger twin; the runt of the litter.

A stork carries a bundle of two babies with a note to Rosario. "Here, the younger one is a freebie. The older one is going to be your favourite."

All offspring are currently eligible to be Rosario's heir except for Caelum.

Player ID: Mac