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Death Deity Rajah is a pure-blood wizard living in Dragon's Keep-A dragon refuge he founded. He wields a 13" Oak, Leprechaun Hair wand, and is a member of Gryffindor. His favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and his favorite Harry Potter character is Minerva.

About Me
It was the year 1889 and for Rajah life couldn't have been happier. He was very much in love with a beautiful witch named Lyra and a member of the nobility in Victorian, England. His career was also on track as he had only the year before become Hogwarts newest Charms instructor.

Everything; was going perfectly. Until that fateful night. That fateful night where he attended the All Hallow's Eve Ball with Lyra. It was a masquerade ball and everyone was having enjoying themselves greatly until the attack happened.

A dark wizard had convinced some followers and dementors to attack Hogwarts on that night. The staff fought valiantly, but in the end both he and his were struck by Killing Curses in the back while they were shielding some students.

Rajah's and Lyra's spirit were strong though and they came back as ghosts. After all, Rajah wasn't going to allow a little thing like death prevent him from taking his beloved Lyra to the Eiffel Tower to propose to her.

Since; that fateful day, the two have wandered the Earth together. Neither knowing exactly why they were still ghosts. Neither particularly having any place they wanted to be, except with each other.

Backup Wand crafted by AnnaScipio: Redwood as the wood and a Chimaera scale as the rare, but powerful core.

DawnRinoa's pet tiger.

Animagus; form: Snowy owl.

Rajah is somewhat a product of the times that he was born into. Generally, he is rather formal and proper, but a friendly ghost. That is until someone crosses him or Lyra...

I'm always willing to rp, if one doesn't mind the fact that I may be zoney and yes, Lyra and I share the same profile picture because it is intended to represent myself and her.