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HoloTaco Dia aka Diavola is a 121 year old (DOB: December 6, 1900) wizard. He is a member of Slytherin.

About Me
A temptress they call her, the master of seduction with vacant crimson eyes that rip your soul from your body with a single, smoldering gaze.

Death flows around her, a living energy that seeps from her pores to caress your flesh as you near the endless sleep and struggle to live.

The sensual sway of her hips and the light spring to the black curtains that frame her face seem like a wonderful last sight, though the smirk curving her blood red lips make you wary of this creature.

As she crouches down to your level, the icy yet searing hot touch of her finger running across your cheek, you start to panic. Your eyes widen like a deer in the headlights at this woman whose gaze is now filled with hunger.

Then in a soft, enticing voice that strokes your senses with desire and an unquenchable urge to please this woman, she whispers, "Would you like to make a deal?" Then a slash of blood splatters across paper and darkness consumes you.

Suddenly, your life is replenished and you awake in the comfort of your bed with not even the smallest of scratches blemishing your flesh, while the woman seems nothing more than a dream.

While excitement flows through you, a haunting feeling within your soul frightens you about the cost of this miracle, that maybe the dream could have been real.

The next time you close your eyes, the woman appears in your dream and in that same tantalizing voice she purrs, "Fear not, my dear. You will repay your debt to me in due time."

Waking up in bed drenched with sweat, you attempt to swallow the lump in your throat as you realize that woman was not just a hallucination... But a Devil who you now owe a favor...

What will she want in return? What deed will she have you do to repay the debt you owe?

You do not know where she is now, only that somewhere there is a man or woman in desperate need of help and the poor soul is about to get a visit from the most diabolical seductress of Hell. Will you be the next victim to make the deal?