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Meredith is a muggle-born witch living in Castle Anderson. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
First day on HL- 5-21-2012
First VE on HL- 5-22-2012

Meredith grew up in a Muggle Aristocratic style of life before two major events happened.
1. She went to Hogwarts.
2. She met a girl named Carrie.

Carrie(AdeladeAnderson in polyjuiced form) showed Mere the Forbidden Forrest, before taking her back to the castle, and feigning as if she were a victim as well, stringing the girl on until finally revealing herself as owner of the Castle. Knowing that she would never leave the castle, she begged for her family to never remember her; whereas Ade took that to mean to kill them. After being forced to watch her family's death in a pensive time and time again, Mere became a shell of herself, now Ade's pet; taking on the new name of Carrie as Ade had assigned her.

As Adelade's pet, Carrie now takes on the chores of a house elf. Cooking, cleaing, serving, the works. If you do end up visiting Carrie's mistress's home, you will find that upon knocking, you will be greeted by the small girl wearing a uniform consisting of a thin metal collar about her neck, a black dress that flows down to her knees, stockings and black Mary Janes.

The collar is surrounded by her dark brown waves of hair that falls gently past her shoulders. Her hair is never up or in a ponytail, it is always down. Her eyes are just as dark as her hair, but oft times, when giving eye contact, you can see the rich chocolate brown irises that surrounds the pupil.
[updated: Secondyear Lvl 5]