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Valkyrie Megaera is a witch. She is a member of Ravenclaw.

About Me

* )) O (( *
Megaera L Diamond
the nineteen year-old
* )) O (( *

.:ACT I:.
It was clear that when Megaera Louise Diamond was born that she was special.
Even by magical standards.
The crying tot's hair changed color, settling to a soft pink when she was given to
her bemused mother.
Raising a metamorphmagus, however, was a feat her parents hadn't foreseen.

.:ACT II:.
Transfiguration quickly became one of her more favorable subjects during the first few years at Hogwarts.
With Divination coming in last. Most days she can be found reading in the library, unware of her changing features.
If not in the library she was sitting in the hall that Peeves frequented, asking him questions and watching him pull pranks on others.

Happiness is a butterfly. . .try to catch it, like, every night
It escapes from my hands into moonlight

Working off a debt at the HogsHead Inn, just like any normal teenager.