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LilyintheIvy aka Lily Rose is a witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
LilyintheIvy grew up in a large family of fourteen children. Her parents had wanted as big a family as they possibly could have, and as the sixth child, Lily was often forgotten by all but her identical twin, NemorosaPrim. At the young age of seven, they were accidentally left behind on a family vacation. They wandered off, searching desperately for their mother, father, or one of their numerous siblings, but were unable to find any of them. She cried herself to sleep under a bench while Nemorosa sat beside her, not waking up for several hours.

When at last she did awaken, Lily's renewed tears were noticed by a kind stranger walking by. The stranger, a wealthy man with no children of his own, payed for her and her twin to attend a private school where they lived during the school year. During the summers he allowed them to stay in his home, where the girls explored and read for hours at a time while he worked. They discovered around the age of ten that they had some magical powers, a surprise, as they had always thought that magic belonged only in the stories that they loved.

Uncontrolled as their powers were, it came as a relief when they recieved letters just after they had gotten out of school for the summer that the next school year they would be attending a school for magical children, where they would learn to control their talents. The kind, though distant, man who had boarded them made sure that they had everything they would need for the year and got them on the Hogwarts Express, leaving with them the knowledge that, as always, they were welcome in his house over the summer.

Lily grew up as the twin with a quiet nature. She has been forced out of her shell by her twin and AdoSister, Maya, but if she's not with them or someone else she is close with, she will retreat. With the kind man's blessing, she and Nemorosa were adopted by PurpleAngel and Dromeda, making their happiness complete.