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fc21085d517dbad is a pure-blood wizard. He is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
Nathaniel Price had never been known to the wizarding world until the age of eleven. Though he wasn't a muggle-born, he had been raised as a muggle, unaware that magic existed. All he knew was that he'd been given up the night that he was born. As the years passed, Nathaniel got moved from one foster home to another, never expecting to settle down.
When he'd reached six, his powers began to make themself known. One day it would be doors and cabinets opening and closing, the next it would be books falling off the shelves with no one to have made the disturbance.
At first, he'd been placed with good people, but as time progressed, he was in more sinister homes. In his years in the program, he'd seen anything and everything. This was the norm for him; until he had got fed up with the system and decided to run from the people that cared only for the money and the name he'd been born with.

Nathaniel's birth father had been the one to give him up and said that Nathaniel would never live up to his name. Nathaniel didn't feel ashamed, only disgusted. The night he made his escape, he had changed his last name to Price, hoping that it would be enough to keep him safe.
When he ran, something had followed him through the night. It wasn't human, but a shaggy fox terrior that had followed him from the streets of Liverpool to the outskirts of London. Seeing as though he couldn't shake the dog, he decided to allow it to travel with him. She would be known as Layla from that day on.
At eleven, an owl had flown into his campsite carrying a letter. Thinking the bird was lost, Nathaniel tried to shoo it, not wanting any trouble. Usually if some creature approched, Layla would scare it off, but this time she hadn't budged. Deciding to take a closer look at the bird he caught sight of his name "Nathaniel Hawthorne Black". This had been the day that forever changed his life from being a simple muggle boy, to being a pure-blooded wizard; something his mind would never fully grasp.