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Goddess Effiestonem is a half-blood witch living in Godrics Hollow. She wields a 14½" Pine, Unicorn Hair wand, and is a member of Ravenclaw. Her favorite Harry Potter book is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and her favorite Harry Potter character is James Potter.

About Me
Its a twinner thing. Sparkie & Stonie.

I was born to witch who was not ready to have kids let alone twins. We were put up for adoption and were split up. I was sent to Sephora she was sent to a muggle family. We never knew about each other tell we came to Hogwarts. We found out things about us that made know for a fact that we were Twinners.

I was adopted into a big family which I love dearly.

Pisky, Nosy, Wifey, Pixie, Twinner: Sparkie (MarieSparks)

Mom: Sephora

Nieces : May, Leanan, shrax

Sisters: Bailey, Crimsonlily, Odessa (Essa)

Grandma: HeeJin (Granny Hee)

Grandpa: Nirm

Aunts: Tsunade, SlytherinGirl, CarolineSmith

Uncles: RedJoshy, VladimirTod, EthanThunder, Skyonearth a.k.a Fluffleh

Second Cousin: Emmi

Seacond Cousins Once Removed: mockan, JemHayden, ScarlettPotter,kpred

Great Great Aunt: AuroreDelacour

Great Great Uncle : JasonLestrange

Great Great Great Grandma: SilverRose

Spot saved for the best sentence in history ll I married my uncle I did not date my moms husband. ll
This spot is for Sparkies insight ll RL and HL are mortal enemiesll