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EbilMinion aka Mira is a 122 year old (DOB: February 28, 1900) witch living in Your Shirt or On Your Head. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat. Her her favorite Harry Potter character is the one in her head O.o FTW?.

About Me
Hellos O.O Why you be lookin at meh profiles?! Huh!? Punk! Jk ^^ i look at yous too >,>. And ummmm im a former member, uh-huh, and.. i like animals! nya! ummmmm lemme think of more later! okie its later... i think.. maybe more later. okie okie! gyah! i like rock music and uh.. games and mmm reading! loves reading! O-O oh! manga! meh love de manga/anime stuff. good stuff. yesh. warm weather! oh and tra~veling! love love that but not the getting lost part O.o too much scawynessess up in there! Rawr! and last but not the least .........=.= i hate yous.... yesh so very much.. you and your not su supperior minds! boogida-boo! =w= okie i dont hate yous just.. DESPISE YOU! I WILLS BLOW UP YOUR __________ AND LEAVE YOU FOR __________! nah not really... wait yous still reading this?? wtf's wrong wit yous!?!? O-O owl meh?

~Looks: She has black hair with short spiral curls, keeping her swept over bangs stright. Her eyes are a bright greenish gold and are selective, not betraying anything unless she desires. Her skin is ghostly white except for her pale blushing cheeks. Shes rather short and thin. Normally she wears a hoody with holes for her neko ears to poke out, also wears a skirt, knee high socks and rather be without shoes. She is highly affectionet to everyone, so dont go thinking youre special.. except for the few who really are special. If you are then theres no need to name you. You know. She enjoys sitting on heads, hidding in shirts, being in her tree, and being amused.