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Delaney is a witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

Delaney Gianna Viola Carina de Angelis.


Half Italian and half English.

It was shocking for one from a pure-blood Italian house to marry an English Muggle. It was even more scandalous for him to keep his magic from her.

Alessandro de Angelis knew Lillian Adams wouldn't marry him if she knew the truth. She abhorred any hint of magic, so how could he tell it was real and he possessed it? He forsook the magic world, moved to England, and married her. They were happy for several years, even welcoming a daughter: Delaney. She would prove to be their undoing.

At age five, Delaney started showing signs of magic. Her mother took her to a priest to exorcise the demon. It was a terrifying experience the girl has never forgotten. It was then that her father knew he had to come clean. Lillian was horrified and left that night, disappearing from their lives forever.

Alessandro was heartbroken, as was Delaney. They stayed in England, but returned to the magical world, regaining access to the vast wealth the de Angelis family possesses. Alessandro soon found a job at the Ministry as an Unspeakable.

Delaney has grown up under the care of a nanny, Aubrey Baker, as her father is often absent from her life. She has wanted for nothing and is therefore very selfish. While friendly, Delaney possesses no close friends. Her mother's abandonment has left her unable to feel close to anyone.

She is currently in her fifth year of Hogwarts.

Delaney is often found with her pet raven, Pascal.