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b974eb3fbb10fae is a half-blood witch. She wields a 9½" Hazel, Unicorn Hair wand, and is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me
A playful and slightly shy girl, Keira is sweet and tries not to cause unintended trouble. She holds the innocence of an angel yet can be brave when she has to step up. Keira has her little devious moments, especially with individuals she is close with. Loves to smile.

Her past started out as a rather normal and happy story. Her parents--both grown orphans-- loved her very much, and she held all of their attention and loving care. Alas, the seemingly "perfect family" was not meant to be. Parents separated after hearing that the father was unfaithful. At the time, little Keira was only six. She took the blame upon herself and ran away from home, never wanting to see her mother or father again, in fear of being hated. Who could she turn to? She knew of no other relatives. She resorted to living on the streets, digging out of trash bins and whatnot for survival.

One chilly winter noon, a kind elderly lady came across Keira, who trying to find the perfect box of a home. With only one look, the lady took the little girl under her care, for she had no children of her own and pitied the poor thing. Thus, Keira spent the rest of her early childhood living in a mansion, supplied with anything she could have ever wanted. Humble was she though, for she never asked her adoptive grandmother for more than she needed.

The day arrived where the old lady passed away, leaving everything she owned to Keira. Before young Keira could do anything though, the "deed" was deemed invalid. Kicked out into the place where she had just started to forget, Keira decided that it was her fate. Until a letter fluttered down from the dreary sky and landed on the ground in front of her. Hogwarts, what was that? It was then Keira learned that the reason her parents separated was the fact that her father was a wizard. He felt he was a burden so he left. Keira then decided to attend this school, hoping to solve the mystery behind her family before attempting to contact them again.

Mom: AlexaRyan