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9a4351ac08fa991 is a witch. She is a member of the unsorted masses of Hogwarts students just off the train eagerly crowding around the Sorting Hat.

About Me

I will rp with anyone! Owl me if you would like to rp sometime.

Basic Information:
- Maeve's parents died in a fire. She dislikes the color of her hair for that reason and has a fear of anything that makes flames.
- She has straight red hair that rests beneath her shoulders. Her eye color is grey like the color of the sky during the calm that comes before a thunderstorm.
- She is currently eleven.
- She has an interest in the sky. Weather, clouds, stars.
- Maeve's parents died when she was four. She has scars along her right shoulder that were created that night.
- Both of her parents were muggles.
- Maeve is small for her age. Her growth is stunted from lack of proper nourishment.
- She can be rather rude at times but it is mostly an act that she puts on.
- She was never taught how to read. She tried to teach herself but that lead to her knowing the basics (alphabet, three letter words, sounding out, etc) of reading and writing. As a result, she struggles when asked to read out loud. The most she can write is her name.
- Maeve uses every Friday to go unicorn hunting. She believes that there is a bright purple unicorn named Sprinkles living somewhere in the forest.
- Last names aren't given to unwanted children cast onto the streets.
- Lierah owns her soul since Maeve is her future toy/slave/pet/thing. o_O I luffs her too. :3
- Maeve missed the cut off date for Hogwarts by a week. She turned eleven after the first week of classes, making her too young to go to school with the Hogwarts bound eleven year olds.
- She does not own a wand because she was too young for one when her accidental magic sent her to Diagon Alley.
- Maeve has no money. She lives off what she can find to survive and nothing more.
- Maeve dreams of one day having a caring family. She has wanted one since she was old enough to understand that she didn't have one.
Delilah is her blood sister.