The Mystery of Pottermore

A Storm is brewing in the Harry Potter world.

Earlier today. J.K. Rowling set the Harry Potter Fandom busy looking for clues once again, something we haven't had to do since the days we tried to break into her study at

A website appeared at The website seemed fairly normal, with a box for coordinates and a google map. A Question Mark in the corner led to the following message:

J.K. Rowling

This is not a new book, but it is something equally exciting. As a teaser before the official announcement, ten letters have been hidden on this website for you to find. To locate them you just need to enter ten individual coordinates in the search box and explore.

The coordinates are being revealed among ten Harry Potter fan sites throughout the 15th and 16th of June 2011. Find the correct sites and you could be one of the first to piece the word together.

Good luck to you all.

It didn't take long for those 10 codes to be revealed. 9 Sites each had a latitude/longitude pair, that when entered in the coordinate box on the site would reveal a marker. If you then zoomed in all the way you would get to a google street view would reveal a plaque indicating why that location is important to the History of Harry Potter and a letter.

The 10th and final letter was revealed on Twitter at the twitter account @Pottermore and the 10 letters altogether spell out Pottermore.

The twitter account also has a link to has... well not much on it yet except a coming soon statement, a picture of J.K. Rowling's signature and a copyright statement.

Some of those sites that had coordinates of letters now have something indicating that they know more:

As a follow up, I was lucky enough to get a preview of @Pottermore recently and it is one of the most amazing, engaging, and breathtaking additions to this fandom imaginable. More details will arrive shortly, so do stay close for the latest on Pottermore.

This editor has seen a sneak preview of Pottermore and it is breathtaking in scope, detail and sheer beauty.

Unfortunately that's all I'm allowed to say right now, but rest assured there will be more news soon and we'll bring it to you as it happens!

Pottermore Website Shot

So what is Pottermore? We don't know, but we are as excited as I'm sure you are to find out. Sound out in the comments about what you think it might be.

UPDATE: There are now owls on's website, if you click on the owls it takes you to a page on YouTube indicating that Rowling will make an announcement there soon. There is a countdown, which at the time of this update reads 6 days, 3 hours, 56 minutes 40 seconds until J.K. Rowling's announcement.

Whatever her announcement is, whatever Pottermore is, we'll find out in 6 days, so Thursday morning (4 am Pacific, 6 am Central, 7 a.m. Eastern). I look forward to finding out what, although it's rather annoying that for US fans, the update will be in the very early morning hours.

As a side note from a Google fanboy, notice how she used Google Maps (and Street View) yesterday, and today she uses YouTube (another Google product)

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