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Questions about Alignment, Phoenixes and Horcruxes

1. What is Alignment?
Alignment is how Good or Evil you are. You start out being Neutral, but that quickly changes as you play the game. Good alignment begins at 50 and Evil beings at -50.

2. How do I become Good or Evil?
Your Alignment is determined mainly by the decisions you make in the Forest and by PvP. The Something Specials that you come across as you fight in the Forest are almost all tied into Alignment. If you want to be Good, always do all of the following (if you want to stay/become evil, do the opposite of the following):
Help- not Hinder or Ignore;
Always help the Firstyeargirl;
NEVER kick Mrs. Norris;
and ALWAYS try to save the princess from the Sicilian (choosing wrong does not matter, you just have to choose).
Resurrecting another player will earn you good points (thirdyears and up).
PvP will most likely cause you to become evil as you lose points for killing good and neutral players.

3. What is a Phoenix and how do I get one?
A Phoenix is a special pet for those who have a minimum of 50 Good alignment. Finding a phoenix is a random event in the forest and there are only 500 available for the entire site. They can help you fight in battle and they can resurrect you when you die.

4. I found a Phoenix! How can I be sure to keep it?
It takes some effort to keep a Phoenix, but following these guidelines should make it easier. The first requirement of keeping a Phoenix is to never let your alignment fall below what it was when you found it (if you haven't VEd with it yet) OR to never let your alignment fall below what it was when you VEd. To avoid losing good points, always choose the "good" choice. If you paid attention to the previous question/answer about how to become Good or Evil, this shouldn't be too hard. The second requirement is that you must have 15 MORE Good points on level 15 before you VE than you had back on level 1 (or when you found it if you found it during your current VE cycle). You must always watch your alignment. It is recommended that you avoid PvP when you have a Phoenix as it is very easy to lose Alignment points when attacking other players.

5. I had a Phoenix but now it's gone! What happened?!
Phoenixes are very hard to keep- see above. If yours suddenly disappears, then you lost too many alignment points. If you had it right before you VEd but saw that it was gone after you defeated Voldy, then you did not get the required 15 good points needed to keep it. Please re-read the previous questions and answers regarding Alignment and Phoenixes to get a better understanding of the requirements needed to keep one.

6. What is a Horcrux?
A horcrux is something that automatically prevents a player from dying. When you die, instead of going all the way to the Shades, you will be "resurrected." However, you come back with only 1 hp so be very careful.

7. How do I get a Horcrux?
Horcruxes are only attainable for those players who have an Evil Alignment. You earn 1 Horcrux for every 5 people you kill in PvP. You may carry up to 10 Horcruxes at any given time.

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