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PvP Info
PvP Enabled? 1
Turns per Game Day: 10
Days PvP Immunity lasts: 5
XP to lose PvP Immunity: 800
Game Days
Turns per Game Day: 25
Game Days per real day: 12
Game Day duration: 2 hours
Current game time: 10:52 am
Current server time: 2024-07-25 08:59:23 am
Last new day: 08:05:00 am
Next new day: 10:05:00 am (01h 05m 37s)
Extra daily specialty uses: 3
Gringott's Bank
Max left over turns to earn interest: 9
Max Interest Rate (%): 10
Min Interest Rate (%): 2
Max amount player can borrow per level: 2000
Gold transfers enabled? 1
Max amount player can transfer per recipient's level: 100
Min level a player has to be before they can transfer gold: 1
Total transfers a player can receive in one game day: 5
Max amount total a player can transfer to others per level: 100
Owl Post
Character limit per owl: 2500
Max # of owls in inbox: 50
Old owls deleted after (days): 30
Content Expiration
Comments and news deleted after (days): 1
Firstyears who don't verify their email are expelled after (days): 10
Firstyears who fail to reach second year are expelled after (days): 50
Students who fail to log in are expelled after (days): 120
Students who reach 200 VEs are never deleted?: 1
Seconds of inactivity before auto-logoff: 900
Misc Info
Foul Language Filter? 1
Initial gold for new players: 1000

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